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You might think that the only benefit of whitening day cream is to lighten the skin.  While that may be an important benefit, it is only one of nine provided by the best whitening day creams.  Here you will learn about all nine benefits and the ingredients that provide them.

Benefit 1. Darkness caused by sun exposure is often accompanied by roughness.  To soften out the rough spots, look for a  whitening day cream that contains Crodamol OP

How to Lighten Dark Skin

Benefit 2. Without lubrication, the skin is easily damaged.  This is one of the reasons that scrapes and seem to be more common as we age.  To replenish the skin’s natural lubrication, grape seed oil is a most effective ingredient.

How to Reduce Freckles

Benefit 3. To relieve the itching that often accompanies dryness, roughness and sun damage, Babassu palm wax works very well.  It was used historically for that purpose.

 How to Get Rid of Skin Age Spots

Benefit 4. You need to nourish your skin in the same way that you nourish the rest of your body, if you want it to be healthy and young looking.  To provide the nourishment needed by the skin’s cells, look for a whitening cream that contains maracuja.

How to Remove Hyperpigmentation

Benefit 5. You might want to reduce the appearance of fine lines or prevent them from forming.  Natural vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) has been shown in numerous studies to provide that benefit.

How to Get Rid of Skin Blotches
Benefit 6. Healing irritation is a benefit that few cosmetic ingredients provide.  Most of them cause irritation.  Phytessence wakame, an emulsion of a specific kind of nourishing kelp, helps to heal irritation and can be found in some of the better whitening creams.

Benefit 7. Not only does sun damage cause a visible darkening of the complexion, it also causes molecular damage that can eventually lead to wrinkles.  It is possible to reverse sun damage according to clinical trials.  Nano-lipobelle HEQ10 can do that.

Benefit 8. Now, we get to whitening.   In order to speed results, it is necessary to stimulate the growth of new skin cells that will be lighter in color. Xtend TK is the most effective ingredient for stimulating the production of new cells.

Benefit 9. Last but not least, to inhibit melanin production, which is the cause of skin darkening, you need Extrapone nutgrass root.  It is a natural melanin inhibitor that works in just a few weeks when combined with XtendTK.

The ingredients must be included in the formula in the right combination and the right form in order to be effective.  If a product contained only Extrapone and not Xtend TK, the amount of whitening would be minimal. 

he two ingredients work together synergistically to provide maximum benefits for anyone that uses them.  The other ingredients further enhance the results.  Womens - Whitening Cream




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